Thursday, 15 November 2012

Back In Business - Kiale Dream and Other News

Posted by Nacomy Blue at Thursday, November 15, 2012
Hello everyone. Sorry its been so long. I've had a few set backs the last few weeks that have placed a dent in the time I've had to write anything, far less blog.
I'm back at it though and damn, I've missed it.
So let's get straight to it.

Kiale Dream

Remember the first book in the Kiale Sons series, Kiale Dream? Here's a refresher in case you don't.

Chased from their home planet by a goddess bent on vengeance, demi-gods Ralden, Lee-vai and Micaiel escaped to earth only to find their survival depends on drinking human blood. Gifted with magical powers and a set of angel-like wings, the three have learned to hide in plain sight and after 1200 years, the eldest sibling, Ralden has found his mate in the form of one very stubborn earthling female, Zoey McKenna.
A dream walker, Zoey has had a very difficult life and is determined to protect her heart from further lose and pain. Convinced love is little more than fiction, she resists all Ralden's attempts to solidify their relationship but when her life is endangered, will this alien with the appetite of a vampire and the looks of an angel convince his mate to take a chance?

This book can be found at Red Sage, Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Kiale Dream has been entered in the You Gotta Read Reviews Cover contest at It will be posted on November, 20, 2012 as #20 and voting is from November 21st to 26th. Please stop by to see what its all about. I would very much appreciate your vote.
We're not done with Kiale Dream as yet though. The first in the Kiale Sons Series will be featured in the center of party event page on December 5th. This will be a Q&A session so stop by and we can have a great time together. Also, on December 6th a Forum-styled CHAT is scheduled. I will be there for as much time as I can allot.

More Writing News

In other News, to get back into the spirit of writing, I've been working on a Christmas themed short story, Once Upon a December. It features Santa in a way you've never seen him before, a shape shifting hero trapped in an eternal winter wonderland, a grieving heroine in desperate need of the Christmas spirit and a disillusioned sorceress with a habit of overreacting. It will be released some time early in December. I still have some details to iron out concerning its cover and such but I will definitely keep you updated.

Thanks for sticking around and here's to a merry Christmas and a happy new years together!

'Til Next Time


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